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Jordan Palmer Explains Why Trevor Lawrence Is 'Different'

A closeup of Trevor Lawrence speaking to the media.

SANTA CLARA, CA - JANUARY 07: Trevor Lawrence #16 of the Clemson Tigers speaks to the media during the press conference after his teams 44-16 win against the Alabama Crimson Tide in the CFP National Championship presented by AT&T at Levi's Stadium on January 7, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

For most players going from college to the NFL, it's a pretty significant adjustment. Because Trevor Lawrence has been firmly in spotlight since his high school days, Jordan Palmer thinks he'll adjust much more easily.

Palmer, who spent 2007-2014 in and out of the NFL, led Lawrence's Pro Day workout at Clemson last week, where he impressed his future coach Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer and others with his incredible arm talent. He appeared on The Jim Rome Show on Monday, and outlined how he believes Lawrence is different from previous players in his position. Via 247Sports:

"I think he's different than a lot of guys in that, in my opinion, if he goes to Jacksonville, I actually think the sum ... of the entire experiences — the media, the pressure, all the expectations — I actually think the sum of it will kind of be equal to what it was and maybe be even feel smaller, not because he came from Clemson but because he's been kind of the face of college football for a few years now and the expectations and the media.

"And the way that the ACC is set up, where being so top-heavy where they can beat up on a bunch of teams and get a couple games a year where you've just have to win all of them, it's so set up that way. Like, in the NFL — if you go 10-6, that's a pretty good year. You're probably going to make the playoffs. When you're at Clemson, you can't lose a game. And so, I think a lot of that — where every game matters — and then being the face of college football and then all of the media that comes with that because it's national media there, I actually think when he transitions, some elements of it are going to be either the same or easier."

Trevor Lawrence has pretty much gone wire-to-wire in living up to the lofty expectations laid out for him. He was the No. 1 recruit in the country, won the national title and reached the College Football Playoff three times. Now, he's set to be the top overall pick, and hope to turn around the Jaguars franchise with Meyer.

"So I love all of the experience he's had — coming from being one of the most highly recruited kids ever, all the eyeballs and the target on his back and all that stuff for the last four, five years," Palmer continued. "I actually think that all of that is going to make his transition easier. And no doubt, there's going to be a bunch of new stuff for him, like there is for anybody going from college to pro. But I actually think he's better positioned to handle all of it than a lot of guys I've worked with in the past — not because he's better or worse, just because he's had so many reps that are relevant that I think it's going to really help with his transition."

The 2021 NFL Draft kicks off on April 29. Lawrence won't have to wait long to hear his name called that night, barring a truly shocking development.