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Video: Clemson Football Manager David Saville Dances For The Team After Win Over N.C. State, Locker Room Goes Crazy

This is one of the best videos you'll watch today. David Saville is a manager on Clemson's football team, and a member of the university's ClemsonLIFE program, which is is geared towards "intellectually disabled adults seeking higher education." After the Tigers blew out N.C. State on Saturday, 41-0, Saville danced for the team in the locker room, and it was awesome. Check it out:

You can tell that Saville was having a great time, and that the entire team loved celebrating with him, especially after Saville threw his hat into the air. The Tigers host Louisville this weekend, and maybe if they win, we'll get another video of Saville celebrating with Clemson players.