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Video: Dabo Swinney's Passionate Halftime Speech To Clemson: "You Win With Class, You Lose With Class"

Clemson players kneeling before Dabo Swinney giving a speech.


Things are going pretty well for Clemson down in Miami. The Tigers took a 42-0 lead into halftime, and have tacked on another three points so far in the third quarter. CU has already started benching some starters, including quarterback Deshaun Watson. Interesting, at the beginning of the break, Dabo Swinney kept his team out on the field for a few minutes before sending them to the locker room. Video shows that he was giving a passionate speech, in which he tells his team that Clemson "wins with class" and "loses with class." 

We're not sure if Swinney was just issuing a reminder with his team up big, or if something happened with the Tigers. There was a dust-up during pregame warmups between the two teams. Either way, it is definitely interesting. 

Here's a link to the video from ESPN, if the embed doesn't load for mobile users: