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Video: Did The Refs Blow It For NC State On This Potential 83-Yard Bryan Underwood Touchdown?

Close call.

Momentum is a huge thing in sports, especially college football. Tonight, NC State fans learned that the hard way, coming up on the short end of the stick of a pretty controversial call by the referees.

With less than eight minutes remaining in the third quarter, NC State trailed No. 3 Clemson 13-7. The Wolfpack were on their own 17, but handed the ball off to Bryan Underwood who went 83 yards for on a score on an electric run -- except he didn't. The refs ruled the Underwood stepped out at the Clemson 47, after a 36-yard gain, and despite the fans expressing their outrage in the stands, the play was never reviewed.

You be the judge -- did Underwood step out?

Two plays later, NC State fumbled the ball, Clemson recovered, and the Tigers started to put the game away, eventually building a 26-7 lead. Given the massive shift in momentum, did the refs really screw this one up?