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What ACC Coaches Are Saying Anonymously About Clemson

Here’s what the conference’s coaches are saying anonymously about Clemson.

What do ACC coaches really think about Clemson’s football program heading into the 2017 season?

Athlon Sports has the answers.

The sports site spoke to various coaches across the conference, who gave anonymous opinions about the Tigers.

Here are some of the best ones:

“In my time in college football, I’ve played a lot of people, but that Clemson team last year, dadgum, they were so good, and their staff does a damn good job. They have creative ways to get people touches, and if you’re a good player, you will touch the ball. With (defensive coordinator Brent) Venables, you wonder how he gets it installed week to week because he changes so much and he morphs. They really copycat what stops you. So if somebody else gave you fits with something, you were going to see it when you play Clemson, and not a lot of people do that."

"Now they’ll steal your signals. People don’t want to talk about it, but the teams that gave them fits were NC State and Pitt because they huddled. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. It’s not a very well-kept secret, but it didn’t matter. They could have told us what was coming on every play and they would have whipped us."

"They’re alright in the secondary, but they grab better than anyone else.”

Pretty interesting stuff, especially the second quote about the Tigers' alleged signal-stealing. It's obviously pretty difficult (impossible?) to prove, but still interesting nonetheless. Former Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden admitted he stole South Carolina's signs during his tenure, so maybe it's just the Clemson way.

You can read some more anonymous quotes about the Tigers here.