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76ers' Jason Richardson Still Paying For Bet With J.J. Redick Over Duke-Michigan State Game

Playin' for keeps.

Professional athletes are competitive people. Jason Richardson and J.J. Redick are no different.

Richardson and Redick are two extremely famous alumni at their former schools -- J-Rich of course attended Michigan State while Redick was the face of the Duke Blue Devils for several years. The pair became friends when they both played with the Orlando Magic, although they have since moved on to different teams. So when Michigan State and Duke faced off in the NCAA Tournament just a week ago in the Sweet 16, the players decided to up the stakes with a little bonus wager centered around Twitter.

The loser of the bet would receive a full jumpsuit of the winning team's gear -- he would then have to wear it and post it as their Twitter avatar for the remainder of the tournament.

As you all know, Duke won the matchup 71-61, so now it was time for J-Rich to hold up his end of the bargain. He promptly changed his Twitter avatar to this:

Of course, he then disposed of the Duke gear in the only acceptable way: