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Coach K Did The Same Thing He Did With Dillon Brooks With A Virginia Tech Star In 2007

Duke's Coach K talks with Dillon Brooks after the game.

Coach K speaks with Dillon Brooks

If you're a Virginia Tech basketball fan and the Coach K-Dillon Brooks fiasco seems familiar to you, that's because you've see it before. 

Back in 2007, Mike Krzyzewski, who scolded the Oregon star for celebrating too much during his Sweet 16 win against the Blue Devils and then lied about it in his press conference, did basically the same thing with former Hokies' star Zabian Dowdell. 

Following Virginia Tech's 69-67 overtime upset of then-No. 5 Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium in '07, Dowdell said Coach K told him he's "too classy of a guy" to be "carrying on" like he was during the game. Dowdell, who had 20 points and five steals in the game, was bumping chests with teammates and popping his jersey in front of the crowd during the contest. 

Coach K was asked about his comments to Dowdell during an ACC coaches' teleconference a couple days after the game. He denied saying what Dowdell claimed he said. 

Here's an account of what happened, from The Baltimore Sun

"He just told me I'm too classy of a guy to be carrying on like that," said Dowdell, who reportedly bumped chests with a teammate and "popped his jersey in front of the Cameron Crazies," according to the Times.

On Monday's ACC teleconference, Roanoke Times reporter Mark Berman attempted to bring it up, but was interrupted by Krzyzewski - repeatedly.

"I understand you did speak to Zabian Dowdell about how he was celebrating," Berman started.

"No, no, I just congratulated him," Krzyzewski said. "I respect the heck out of him. He's a great kid and that's enough said. He was fabulous. That's the main message that was made."

"He said ... "

"That's all I'm going to say about it because I admire the kid and I admire the program and it was a [great] win for them and I'll say that forever."

"You ... "

"That's all I'm going to say about it," Krzyzewski said.

It's pretty incredible how similar that story is to the one that unfolded between Coach K and Brooks. 

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, though. 

Just yesterday, Krzyzewski's son-in law said the legendary Duke coach has "done it before."

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