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Duke-Albany 2016 Basketball Game Cancelled Over HB2 Concerns

Duke men's basketball rolled out a nearly-complete 2016 non-conference basketball schedule today, with one fairly notable hole. November 12, a Duke home date that serves as part of the Basketball Hall of Fame Tip-Off, is currently listed as 'TBA.'

As it turns out, Duke had an opponent for that date—the Albany Great Danes—but the game has been cancelled due to New York State's North Carolina travel ban, which was imposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo as a reaction to the Tar Heel State's House Bill 2.


However, in March of 2016, the North Carolina General Assembly passed House Bill 2, which is a law that stipulates that transgender people must use the bathroom corresponding with their birth gender while taking away the ability of employees to sue their employers in state court for discrimination or wrongful termination.

After the law was passed, Gov. Cuomo responded with an executive order, banning any state-sponsored, non-essential travel to North Carolina.

Albany, as a member school in the State University of New York (SUNY) system, is subject to Cuomo's travel ban.

Duke will likely have little issue filling the spot on the schedule, but it is very interesting to see the controversial law have a tangible impact on one of the state's biggest teams.