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Duke Athletic Director Kevin White Expects Mike Krzyzewski To Coach At Least 5 More Seasons

Any time an older coach goes through a medical procedure, it causes some to question how much longer he will coach, but don't expect Coach K to hang up his clipboard any time soon after hernia and knee replacement surgeries this year. White spoke to The News & Observer about Krzyzewski's status, and said that he expects him to coach through the end of the his contract, which is up in 2021, and maybe even longer.

Krzyzewski, 69, has five years left on his contract, which would take him through the 2020-21 season. White fully expects Krzyzewski to still be on the sidelines at that point—and maybe even longer.

"Mike has a five-year contract in place and his intention is to honor that contract at a minimum," White said. "Given his unparalleled passion for leadership and the sport of basketball it would not surprise me at all if Mike coaches beyond his current contact. To be sure, and I've said this many times, we have the greatest coach at any level and in any sport representing Duke University. So I'd stand behind any of that. And he's in great shape."

With the way Duke's recruiting has gone in recent years, we would not be surprised in the least if K was able to add another title or two to his already-impressive legacy.

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