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Duke Basketball Tweeted Famous Picture Of Tupac In A Duke Jersey To Commemorate His Birthday

Today would have been rapper Tupac Shakur's 44th birthday. The legendary West Coast rapper was just 25 when he was killed in Las Vegas on September 13, 1996. 

During the mid-1990's, a famous photo of Tupac surfaced showing him in a blue Duke No. 5 jersey. For those wondering, that number belonged to Blue Devil point guard Jeff Capel at the time. Capel is currently an assistant coach at his alma mater.

Naturally, the Duke basketball Twitter account elected to use that photo to commemorate Shakur's birthday as part of a #turnbackTuesday on social media. 

If Pac is truly still alive and hanging out in Cuba as conspiracy theorists suggest, hopefully he has WiFi and was able to see this tribute.