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Duke Football Produces Fun Hype Video For Its DBs, Calls Them "The Coalition" Like Cheetahs

So fast.

Did you know that a collective group of cheetahs is called a coalition? Well now you do, because of course Duke is educating sports fans everywhere. Today, the school's media department published a cool hype video for its defensive backs, who were excellent in 2013. The group has been nicknamed "the coalition", for reasons explained in the clip:

"Cheetahs are smart, instinctive, aggressive. Cheetahs have elite speed, elite vision, elite change of direction skills. Cheetahs are fierce hunters. They typically hunt alone, but when they do hunt together, they hunt only with their brothers. This is called a coalition. As a Duke defensive back, you are a cheetah and WE are the coalition. We are Duke football."

Pretty strange to see Duke football staying prominent even during basketball season, but hey, coming off a 10-win season, Blue Devils fans have all kinds of reasons to be excited.