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Erin Calipari Blasts Media On Twitter For Double Standard On UK's "One And Done" Players

Duke doing the same?

John Calipari's daughter, Erin, is never shy about telling the world what she really thinks on Twitter. Today, instead of taking on her usual opposition, Louisville fans, Calipari went after another group of UK critics - the media. Calipari thinks that there is a double standard in regards to her father's program, Kentucky, and others that are focusing on "one-and-done" players. If you haven't heard, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has landed four of the top 25 recruits for the 2014 class.

Calipari is right that there are different narratives regarding the two programs - Kzryzewski hasn't faced nearly the same type of criticism that Calipari has been getting for his methodology. We'll see if that changes over time.