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Former Duke Star Christian Laettner Allegedly Owes Creditors $14 Million

You can add owing people a lot of money to the list of reasons why Christian Laettner is so disliked. 

The former Duke star forward, one of the most-disliked players in college basketball history, reportedly owes his creditors $14 million. 

The creditors reportedly want Laettner, 46, to file for bankruptcy. 


It’s not clear from the court documents why Laettner owes the creditors.

The creditors and the amounts they say they are owed are:

  • NSA-SP#3, LLC (National Servicing & Administration), $7,321,230
  • Ernest Sims, III, $1,482,730
  • Jonathan Stewart, $3,629,230
  • Park Lane IBS, LLC, $236,193
  • D&F DCU, LLC, $1,382,545

Chevron, Scottie Pippen, Fannie Mae and a Duke law professor have also taken Laettner to court over a failure of payment.

Laettner starred at Duke from 1988-92, winning two national championships. He was the No. 3 overall pick in the 1992 NBA Draft and played in the league until 2005.