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Former Duke Star Jay Williams Offers Public Advice To Grayson Allen

Today, college basketball analyst Jay Williams penned an open letter to Grayson Allen regarding his recent suspension for tripping an opponent.

Draymond Green impersonator Grayson Allen did some more gnarly stuff with his legs last night, this time kicking Elon guard Steven Santa Ana straight in the back of the knee. Grayson was awarded a technical foul for the play, and stormed to the bench where he threw a teary-eyed tantrum.

Because it's Grayson Allen—and equally so because it's Duke—the entire Internet went berserk, eagerly awaiting Allen's punishment if only to revel in more Duke misfortune. And right on cue, today it was announced that Coach Mike Krzyzewski had suspended Allen indefinitely.

In light of the debacle, former Duke player turned college basketball analyst Jay Williams, penned an open letter directed at Allen. After last night where he called for Allen's suspension, today he offered some some important insight into what it means to play for Krzyzewski, and what it means to be accountable to oneself and one's teammates. Williams, after all, is no stranger to adversity.

Here's an excerpt:

My advice to Grayson is simple: Don't let this time away from the game slow you. Let it be the defining moment, like it was for me, when you truly realize that although we can't hide from our actions, we can certainly learn from them. The remainder of your time as a student-athlete, your entire NBA career, and more importantly, the rest of your life will be so much more satisfying for it. That lesson is one more thing I hope we share going forward.

There is still no timetable for Allen's return.