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5-Star PF Deandre Ayton Asked What He'd Do If Tripped By Grayson Allen

Arizona commit and No. 1 ranked player in the nation Deandre Ayton was asked a pretty awkward question by ESPN's Linda Cohn today.

Things got really awkward today on ESPN between Linda Cohn and the No. 1 ranked recruit in the nation, Deandre Ayton. During a pretty tame interview, Cohn decided to whip out a zinger of a question, asking Ayton what he'd do if Duke's Grayson Allen tripped him. Ayton initially laughs, then responds, "I'd probably expect it, to be honest."

You can watch it unfold below.

Duke fans—as you can see by the above text in the tweet—took the question as well as you'd expect, which is to say they took it as if it were a personal attack on everything they hold dear. And to be fair, the question probably wasn't warranted, but Ayton's response is pretty funny. He didn't even bother to deflect it, he just answered straight up: the dude would probably try to trip me. You have to respect the honesty.