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Photo: Check Out This Incredible Duke Basketball Cake

Duke basketball put all other cakes to shame with this legendary cake replica of Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Duke basketball doesn't mess around on the court, and the Blue Devils clearly don't mess around when it comes to desserts either. Today the Duke basketball team presented Iron Dukes (the fundraising arm of the Duke athletics department) with this wonderful behemoth of a cake.

Look at this beautiful monstrosity:

Good lord. It has to be a sin to cut into that, right? That would be like taking a hatchet to the Mona Lisa. No, that cake should be displayed in glass casing right next to the championship trophies, wherever they are, until it molds and collapses into itself like a supernova. It's the only proper way of showing respect to a cake like that. Here's Deputy Director of Athletics Tom Coffman standing next to the cake for some perspective on just how enormous it is.

The cake looks to be the size of a small child.