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John Calipari Denies Taking Shot At Duke, Explains What Led To Latest Blog Post

Monday, Kentucky head coach John Calipari, in a blog post on his website, seemingly took a shot at the recruiting practices of Duke, calling it "preposterous" that schools say they're going to "take care of" players for the rest of their lives. Wednesday, Coach Cal told reporters that his note wasn't meant to specifically target any program. He says it was meant to hit a bunch.

Calipari added that it was the mother of a recruit who accused him of only talking about the NBA. Here's more, via Kyle Tucker of The Courier-Journal.

">May 11, 2016

Regardless of whether Calipari is talking about one program or a dozen, it's clear he's irked by the recruiting practices of some of his peers. We imagine this won't be the last time we hear about it.