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LeBron James' Son Just Visited A Major College Basketball Powerhouse

lebron james jr. warms up for a game with dad watching

Basketball fans often fantasize about LeBron James playing with his son in the NBA one day. LeBron himself has fueled that recently, posting a fan-made NBA 2K video depicting he and LeBron James Jr. playing as teammates on the Lakers.

With LeBron's crazy run of good health, and lack of drop in production, it isn't the craziest notion. Bronny Jr. is 13 years old right now.

If the NBA gets rid of the one-and-done rule, which many expect, it could become a reality in five years.

Of course, there's no guarantee that the Lakers, or whichever team LeBron is on at that time, is in position to draft him. Also, we can't just pencil him in to being that type of basketball talent, though he is an impressive player for his age, based on what we've seen.

There is always a chance that LeBron James Jr. heads to college. It wouldn't be a shock if that school is Duke.

Bronny Jr. reportedly has a "standing scholarship offer" from the Blue Devils. Kentucky has made a similar offer. This dates beck to when he was a preteen.

His AAU team North Coast Blue Chips recently made a trip to Durham. It was the second trip in two years for James Jr.

LeBron Sr. has a relationship with Mike Krzyzewski from playing in the Olympics. Coach K was the head coach of Team USA until recently, when Gregg Popovich took over.

If Bronny Jr. isn't ready, or unable, to head to the NBA out of high school, Duke is a very good bet for his college destination.

Of course, he is very young. At 13, we have no idea how much he will grow, or how his skills will develop.