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Nick Wright On Grayson Allen's Shot: "I Was Rooting For Him To Miss"

FS1's Nick Wright is not a fan of Grayson Allen.


FOX Sports personality Nick Wright does not appear to be a fan of former Duke star Grayson Allen.

Duke star Grayson Allen had a shot to send the Blue Devils to the Final Four on Saturday, but his shot - the final shot of regulation - rimmed out just as the buzzer sounded. Kansas won the game in overtime - leaving Allen with an unceremonious ending to his career.

Tuesday, FOX Sports personality Nick Wright, on his show First Things First, said that while he had Duke winning in his bracket, he wasn't able to root for Allen's shot to go in. He went on a bit of a rant about Allen.

"I have no sympathy for Grayson Allen. And it's a weird spot. I had Duke in my bracket. I bet on Duke to win. And I found myself, when the shot went up from Grayson, I was rooting for him to miss. 100%.

The way he has conducted himself for these last three years at Duke. I know he's been there four, but the last three is when it really got going. He did not deserve to have the glory of a buzzer-beater to go to the Final Four.

You can call that petty, you can call that mean-spirited. I'm just being honest about my emotions.

And I knew, that if Duke made the Final Four, especially on a play like that, the narrative would have been some Grayson Allen redemption story when he hasn't redeemed himself for anything. He's never fixed the behavior. He's never been able to control himself.

And he constantly gets chance after chance after chance. We asked if the refs cost Duke this game. Not more than Grayson Allen did. Grayson Allen was terrible in this basketball game. He was 3-for-13, including a meaningless three at the very end of the game. He was 2-for-12 through 44 and a half minutes of the basketball game.

How will I remember Grayson Allen? As a justifiably hateable Duke player who is one of the dirtier players I've seen in the last few years of college basketball."

Here's video of the segment:

Allen is one of the most polarizing players in college basketball history. Now, he's off to the NBA. It'll be interesting to see if he's as hated in the pros as he was in college.