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No. 1 Overall Seed In NCAA Tournament Will Be Allowed To Pick Location Of 1st Weekend Games

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Landing the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament is about to get significantly more valuable. The NCAA is implmeneting a new rule, which will essentially allow the team that lands the top overall spot in the tournament to choose where it will play its opening weekend games. From CBS:

One twist coming next season: The No. 1 overall seed will be able to choose the location of its first two games of the tournament. So if that team is Duke, or Kentucky, or Kansas, or whichever school gets put atop the 1-68 seed list, that program will get to pick where it plays its first and second-round games.

"Preferences would be communicated by teams in contention for the overall No. 1 seed far in advance of Selection Sunday in a process to be determined," the NCAA said in a statement.

The opening weekend sites for the 2017 NCAA Tournament: Buffalo, Greensboro, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, and Tulsa. Teams like Duke and Kentucky could be eyeing games at nearby Greensboro and Indianapolis, respectively, should they finish No. 1 overall. It also creates a pretty substantial gulf between the No. 1 and No. 2 teams, which could create some serious controversy in years where there isn't a big gap.