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Photo: Duke Fan Returns To Cubicle To Find It Covered In NC State Logos

Make fun of Duke while you still can.

If you're not an actual Duke fan, you're probably excited every time the Blue Devils lose. For some reason (success, probably), Mike Krzyzewski and his program have always been hated, routinely feeling the wrath of fans of other teams in the ACC as well as the rest of the country.

So of course, if your coworker fills her cubicle up with Duke logos/signs to show her Blue Devils support, you're going to pull a fast one on her that first time they lose a game, replacing those signs with NC State print-outs during lunch.

And of course, you're going to send an email to the whole team proclaiming she is a "fair-weather fan". 

Maegan Wegley's response? Post it to Twitter, hashtag her coworkers as #idiots, and immediately find a shredder.

Just another day at the office at Naked Lime Marketing in Ohio: