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Photo: Duke's David Cutcliffe Looks Like He's Having A Blast Playing Arcade Games

Intense focus.

Bowl season is a great time for football players and coaches, not just because of the awesome football games, or even the great gifts that everyone receives. It's a great time because teams essentially get to take half-vacations (you know, because they still have to focus and practice) during which they have a chance to check out the local scene and have some fun for a few days before they play their bowls.

The Duke Blue Devils are currently down in Atlanta preparing for their showdown with Texas A&M this coming Tuesday. Tonight, the players had a chance to go to Dave & Buster's in some down time, and it appears that they have a thing for racing games:

While the players are certainly competitive racers, nobody was more into the games than head coach David Cutcliffe -- even at 59 years old, he was ready to ride:

It looks like Duke plays to win, no matter what game is being played.