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Photo Of Grayson Allen's Teammate Reacting To His Kick Going Viral

Grayson Allen sticks out his leg and trips an opponent.

It appears that even Grayson Allen's teammates are fed up with his kicking antics.

Duke star guard Grayson Allen kicked a dude again. The Blue Devils' shooting guard blatantly tripped/kicked an Elon player in the first half of tonight's contest.

It's not a good look for a player who was scrutinized for much of the 2015-16 season for similar antics.

Even his teammates appear to be fed up with it. Check out Jayson Tatum's apparent reaction to the kick.

It's blurry, but his face definitely reads, "come on, man."

Grayson Allen's teammate reacts to his actions.

Allen had said he had learned from all of this heading into the season.

From an ESPN story:

"I know there's never completely a blank slate,'' Grayson said. "That's going to be replayed and not forgotten about. But for me, every opportunity I get to step on the court is an opportunity to play the game again and play the game the right way.''

Apparently he hasn't.

Duke and Elon are playing on ESPN2.