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Photo: Scoreboard Operator Accidentally Puts Up Kentucky Logo Instead Of Duke At Halftime Of National Championship

national championship halftime kentucky duke scoreboard


Duke and Kentucky are definitely two of basketball's "blue blood" programs, but neither fan base would want anyone confusing the two. That's what happened to the NCAA's scoreboard operator during half-time of tonight's National Championship between Duke and Wisconsin. At half-time, the Kentucky logo was accidentally put up next to Duke's score.


— Ronnie Ramos (@RonnieRamos)

#NCAA makes a major mistake on scoreboard at halftime. Kentucky is not playing. Hat tip to @emhervey.

— Ronnie Ramos (@RonnieRamos) April 7, 2015

">April 7, 2015

Try as they may, Wisconsin could not keep Kentucky out of tonight's game, even if only for a moment.