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Photo: This College Sports Fan Will Make You Sick


If you're doing it right, you choose one school to support for college sports. Pick a program, and support its football, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, whatever -- the whole program. None of this "I like Duke for basketball but Alabama for football" hedging so you get to watch a winner all the time.

Admittedly, some circumstances can make it tough to support only one school on occasion -- what if you send your kids to three different Big Ten schools? I can understand a little bit of discomfort in a few situations like that.

But what we've come across today is not okay -- this college sports "superfan" likes way too many schools. Cast your eyes on this, courtesy of Reddit user sting129:

Yes, this fan seems to love the best of the SEC, ACC, and some Big Ten schools as well -- seems like it pretty hard sell to me. Somebody needs to get straighten this person out.