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Report: Former Duke Player Rasheed Sulaimon Accused Of Sexual Assault By 2 Women Before Dismissal

In late January, Duke junior guard Rasheed Sulaimon was dismissed from the Blue Devils program, seemingly out of nowhere, following the team's loss to Notre Dame. Monday, a report released by The Chronicledetails that there was actually a great deal going on behind the scenes before coach Mike Krzyzewski made his decision. According to the report, Sulaimon had been accused of sexual assault by two different women between 2013 and 2014.

The allegations were made during two separate retreats - one in October of 2013 and another in March of 2014. After the second allegation, Coach K and a number of his assistants were reportedly notified.

In October 2013, a female student said in a large group session at the student-led diversity retreat Common Ground that Sulaimon had sexually assaulted her, three retreat participants said. At the following semester's Common Ground retreat beginning in February 2014, a second female student said she had been sexually assaulted by Sulaimon, according to four retreat participants.

Neither student ever came forward to file a complaint. It's noted that it may have been because of "fear of backlash" from the Duke fan base.

The fear of backlash from the Duke fan base was a factor in the female students' decision not to pursue the allegations, sources close to the women said.

So why did it all come to a head this past January? According to the report, an intern in the Office of News and Communications was tipped off by a friend of one of the accusers and told an administrative assistant of the allegations. The intern also quit his job that day, oddly enough. You can read more about the timeline here.

We'll keep you updated on the situation.