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Roy Williams Donated A Seat For Tonight's Game In The Memory Of Bo Ryan's Father Butch

Update: This seat is incredibly close to the action, and looks like one of the best in the house. It's directly behind media row, and Fox Sports' Stewart Mandel in particular.

">April 7, 2015

Back in 1998, Bo Ryan led his UW-Platteville squad to a 30-0 record and the Division III national championship. As he and his team celebrated the title, Ryan's father Butch held up a sign saying "Bring on Duke."

It took 17 years, but Bo is finally getting his shot at Duke tonight as the head coach of Wisconsin. Butch Ryan passed away in August 2013, but UNC head coach Roy Williams is making sure Bo's dad has a great seat for tonight's game. 

In an incredibly classy gesture, Williams donated a seat for the title game in Butch Ryan's memory. 

">April 7, 2015


— Wisconsin Basketball (@BadgerMBB)

Bo and Butch Ryan never missed a Final Four. Touching gesture from Coach Williams

— Wisconsin Basketball (@BadgerMBB) April 7, 2015

">April 7, 2015

This is such an awesome move by Williams, and a fantastic embodiment of the strength and camaraderie within the coaching fraternity. The fact that Wisconsin is playing UNC's biggest rival doesn't either.