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Ted Cruz Had An Absolutely Incredible Tweet About Resembling Grayson Allen

Former presidential candidate Ted Cruz might have won Twitter this evening.

By now, you might be aware about the uncanny resemblance between Republican senator Ted Cruz and Duke guard Grayson Allen. If you aren't, well you can read this.

Yesterday, Deadspin sent out a tweet soliciting proof that Cruz indeed plays basketball, as reported by Politico. Remember, Cruz once referred to a hoop as "a basketball ring."

Cruz not only responded to the Deadspin tweet, but he did so in tremendous fashion, attaching a picture of Grayson Allen.

No matter your political beliefs, you must admit that is some quality tweeting right there. Twitter. The gift that keeps on giving. Update: Deadspin and Cruz went back and forth one more time. Clearly, Deadspin wasn't as impressed with the former presidential candidate's tweet game as the rest of us.

So...uhh...Ted Cruz definitely won that one. 2017 is weird.