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These Were The 15 Highest Selling NBA Jerseys Of The 2015-16 Season

Steph Curry jersey.


It should come as no surprise that unanimous MVP Stephen Curry was also the league's leader in jersey sales. With his second straight MVP award and a record breaking 73-win season under his belt, there are plenty of kids wearing his jersey on courts around the country, hoisting up the impossible three-pointers that he makes with ease. Curry was one of four (!) Warriors to land in the top 15 of all NBA jersey sales this year, with another on the way.

">July 7, 2016

">July 7, 2016

This list will look a lot different at this time next year. Kobe Bryant (No. 3) has retired), Kevin Durant (No. 8) is likely to make a leap with his move to Golden State, Derrick Rose (No. 10) and Dwyane Wade (No. 12) both switch teams to new big markets, and Tim Duncan (No. 11) may very well retire.