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Video: Duke's 5-Star Freshman Guard Luke Kennard Does His Best Steph Curry Impression

Duke's Luke Kennard celebrates after hitting a 3 at practice.

It probably doesn't surprise anybody that the Duke Blue Devils picked up another five-star shooting guard. 

Shooting the lights out is just a standard in Durham, and the 6-foot-5, 180-pound freshman guard Luke Kennard looks to continue that tradition. While Kennard - the No. 22 overall player in the 2015 class - just enrolled on July 29, he has already began to make an impression. But, on Thursday, it wasn't one of the Duke greats Kennard was paying homage to, it was the reining NBA MVP Steph Curry. 

And, in Kennard's defense, if you're a shooter inspiring to be anybody in the league, there isn't a better option than Curry.