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Video: UNC’s Isaiah Hicks Failed Miserably On This Absurd Dunk Attempt

North Carolina is holding onto a slim, 41-40, halftime lead against Florida Gulf Coast University in the first round NCAA Tournament.

The Eagles have the Tar Heels with their backs against the wall, trying to create some kind of spark to avoid a historical upset. At one point, UNC's Isaiah Hicks even attempted this impossible dunk - without Go Go Gadget arms. It wasn't possible, but that didn't stop him from trying.

ESPN's Aaron Dodson captured the moment on video and posted it to Twitter.

">March 18, 2016

Many experts pinned FGCU as the best 16-seed in the tournament, and the Eagles are living up to that hype. We'll see if UNC can hold them off in the second half. You can still catch the game live on TBS.