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Videos: Miami Beats Duke On Wild Kickoff Return Featuring 8 Laterals

Miami players celebrate on the field.

Miami TD

Every time we think college football can't get any crazier, the sport outdoes itself. In a month which has already given us Michigan State and Georgia Tech's miraculous wins on the final play, Miami just knocked off Duke in outrageous fashion. 

After the Blue Devils took a 27-24 lead on a one-yard touchdown run by Thomas Sirk with six seconds remaining, kicker Ross Martin squibbed the ensuing kick-off. Miami scooped it up, and eight laterals later, defensive back Corn Elder was racing into the end zone with an improbable game-winning touchdown. 

The play was reviewed extensively to see if there were any penalties on by the Hurricanes, but it was ultimately deemed legal. Here's the video of the ending in two parts. 

">November 1, 2015

">November 1, 2015

For the record, the eight laterals on this play were two more than the infamous "The Play" in the 1982 Cal-Stanford game. 

College football is really the best.