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Zion Williamson Said He Was Snubbed By Anthony Davis, John Wall When He Was Younger

Zion Williamson speaking to the media.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - APRIL 05: Zion Williamson of the Duke Blue Devils speaks during a press conference after being awarded the AP Player of the Year award prior to the 2019 NCAA men's Final Four at U.S. Bank Stadium on April 5, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Over the last two years, Zion Williamson went from internet dunking phenom, to blue-chip recruit, to Duke superstar, and now, the presumptive No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft.

Obviously, that wasn't always the case. Back when he was younger, before he became a viral sensation and then proved that he could dominate the college game, he was a fan of the generation of high school stars that came before him.

Among them: his potential future teammate Anthony Davis. Unfortunately for young Zion, the future No. 1 pick didn't give him the time of day when he got to see him play years ago.

Now, with the New Orleans Pelicans holding the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft again, Williamson is likely heading to the club. Davis has had a trade demand out there since last season, but there is at least a fair chance that he begins the season with the Pelicans, on the floor with Williamson.

That makes a video from a few years ago, featuring a 16-year old Zion Williamson describing an autograph snub from Anthony Davis, that much more interesting.

Williamson was the subject of a short documentary series during his high school years. In one edition, the then-Spartanburg Day School star said that he aims to sign every autograph, because he was hurt when he was younger and guys like Davis and John Wall didn't give him the time.

The New York Postrediscovered the video on Monday.

"When I was little, I looked up to high school players and would want their autographs and sometimes I couldn’t get it, I’d be hurt. I said when I grew up, I don’t want to be like that. I want to be able to sign every kid’s autograph. No matter how long it takes me.

"I try to sign every kid’s autograph. I don’t want to turn a little kid down because I know it will hurt them because it hurt me. Anthony Davis, John Wall turned me down. So I try to sign everybody’s."

The full video, in which a young Williamson signs a number of autographs for fans after a game.

He was perhaps the most famous high school player since LeBron James, but now he's ascended to a whole other level, making it way harder for him to fulfill every autograph request, so I'm sure he understands better when guys like Davis and Wall were coming from.

Still, Zion always seems to say and do the right thing, so Pelicans fans will probably get their chance for face time with the phenom once the team officially drafts him in a few weeks.

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Update: Per Shams Charania, Williamson has clarified that he was not actually "snubbed," and didn't meet Davis or Wall.

That definitely clashes with the quote he gives in the video, where he specifically said those two players "turned him down." We'll have more as this gets further clarified.