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Duke Fans Will Love What Coach K Said About Zion Williamson Today

zion williamson press conference

Over the course of his career with Duke, Mike Krzyzewski has coached so many talented players that it's tough to keep count. However, there is something special about freshman Zion Williamson that places him above previous Blue Devils - in at least one department.

Whether he's making insane blocks or throwing down windmill dunks, Williamson is a human highlight reel. It's easy to spot certain flaws in his game, which includes his shooting ability, yet Coach K thinks the sky is the limit for the McDonald's All-American.

Krzyzewski believes Williamson is special, and he wasn't afraid to make a bold statement about him. When talking about his star forward, he said "Zion is the most unique athlete I've coached at Duke."

Forget about Brandon Ingram or Jayson Tatum, Williamson possesses traits that even former Duke star didn't have.

The comparisons to LeBron James are certainly premature, but it's hard to blame those that see similarities. Williamson already has a stature that translates well to the NBA, and he's most likely having a one-and-done season with the Blue Devils.

Although Coach K sees unlimited potential in Williamson, he'll need to translate that talent into production this season.