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Report: Florida State vs. Miami Will Likely Be Rescheduled To October 7

Florida State-Miami could be moved back a few weeks as the Sunshine State prepares for Hurricane Irma's landfall.

The two ACC rivals were among the many Florida teams to cancel their games this weekend, with the storm bearing down on the region.

Florida State was set to host Louisiana-Monroe, while Miami had a game at Arkansas State on the schedule.

Next weekend's game between the 'Canes and 'Noles in Tallahassee has also been in question. Now, it appears that it will likely be moved, according to a report by the Tallahassee Democrat.

As Hurricane Irma gets set to batter the state of Florida, causing unknown amounts of damage, all signs point to the upcoming Florida State-Miami game being postponed to early October.

Florida State announced on Saturday afternoon that the campus will be closed through Friday, Sept. 15. An official announcement for the football game scheduled for Sept. 16 is expected to come as early as Sunday.

Instead of playing this Saturday the Seminoles and Hurricanes would meet on Oct. 7, which both teams share as an open date.

Moving the game makes sense, considering the shared bye week for the two teams. There is a chance that Irma won't be the last hurricane to hit this season, with Hurricanes Jose and Katia also in the region.

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