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A Fan At The Alabama vs. Florida State Game Threw A Woman To The Ground Violently

A woman is thrown to the ground during Alabama vs. Florida State.

A male fan at the Alabama vs. Florida State game appears to have assaulted a woman.

There were a number of fights in the stands at big college football games this weekend - we've already written about two of them - but the video you'll see below is by far the most disturbing of all of them.

A male fan at the Alabama vs. Florida State game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta appears to have violently thrown a woman to the ground in a fight during the contest.

In the video below, posted by Busted Coverage, two men square off, and others immediately get involved. A male fan wearing a red visor emerges from the right, while the woman emerges from the left. He picks her up and slams her to the ground violently.

It's not good:

There's no word on whether police are looking for the man.

Fighting at college football games is childish to begin with, but a man assaulting a woman is next-level garbage behavior. Let's hope everyone was okay and justice is served.