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A Photo Of Jameis Winston In The Seafood Aisle Of A Winn-Dixie With A "Chaperone" Is Going Viral

As famous as college football stars are nowadays, it's still a little weird for fans to pull out their phones and take photos of them while they're grocery shopping. Unless, of course, that star is Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston and he's found his way to the seafood aisle.

One Twitter user snapped a photo of Winston and what he calls a "chaperone" ordering seafood in a Winn-Dixie earlier this week. Winston, as you probably recall, stole crab legs and crawfish from a Tallahassee Publix this offseason. The photo has gone viral.

No, we don't know who Winston's accomplice is - but it's pretty apparent that the Heisman Trophy winner doesn't enjoy his picture being taken in such a place.