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Auburn RB Tre Mason Sums Things Up Perfectly On Twitter: "We Going To The SHIP!"

See you there.

Well, would you look at that -- we're through fifteen weeks of college football and the debate over which teams should be in the national championship game has resolved itself naturally. After Michigan State knocked off the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes in the Big Ten title game, Florida State and Auburn are left standing above the rest, claiming the ACC and SEC championships, respectively.

Auburn, of course, needed the Buckeyes to lose for a chance to play in the BCS Championship Game, and surprise surprise, the Tigers had some serious luck. Once the outcome of the game became clear, Auburn RB Tre Mason had the perfect tweet:

I can only imagine that this is the Auburn team right now:

The BCS National Championship Game will be played in Pasadena on Monday, January 6th.