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Bobby Bowden Calls SEC's Path To National Championship "Too Difficult" For FSU

Former Florida State coaching legend Bobby Bowden made an appearance on Paul Finebaum's radio show this afternoon, and discussed, among other things, how he thinks FSU fans feel about Jameis Winston. 

Bowden also discussed why the Seminoles never joined the SEC, choosing to remain in the ACC. His response --that the road to a national title through the SEC was too difficult to navigate -- is sure to make many Southeasterners smile with glee. 

">May 12, 2015

Bowden's quote will likely cause a bit of a stir. But, he does have a point. During Florida State's remarkable run in the 1990s, they were far and away the pre-eminent ACC program, since Miami and Virginia Tech were still in the old Big East.

The 'Noles fell off slightly from 2006-2011, but have run roughshod through the ACC the last three seasons, reaching (and winning) the BCS Championship Game and qualifying for the inaugural College Football Playoff. 

The Seminole teams of the 1990s and the past three years could have beaten any opponent on a given day, but would they have achieved the same level of dominance playing in the SEC yearly? It's doubtful.