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Bobby Petrino Compares Louisville To Divison Rivals Clemson, Florida State: "We're Right There"

When it comes to the ACC Atlantic division, and really, the ACC as a whole, it has been Florida State, Clemson, and then everyone else. Georgia Tech had a great 2014 season, and a few other schools have had moments here and there, but the Seminoles and Tigers have been the conference's primary breadwinners for a while now. Louisville played its first season in the league last year, and it went pretty well. Bobby Petrino's club went 9-4, 5-3 in ACC play, and suffered very narrow losses to the two aforementioned powers. How does Petrino compare his rising program to Clemson and FSU? Pretty favorably:

">July 27, 2015

We're going to take a wait-and-see approach before anointing Louisville the league's third powerhouse, but Louisville has been a solid program for a while now, and recruiting has really ramped up under Petrino. We wouldn't be shocked to see them take a leap over the next few years, but reaching the level that those other two have been at consistently may be asking a bit much right now.