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ESPN Releases New College Football 'Bottom 10' After First Week Of Power 5 Play

Florida State football fan during 2020 loss to Georgia Tech.


We're two weeks into college football at the FBS level, and one game into games involving Power Five leagues. The ACC and Big 12 are underway, with the SEC starting up later this month.

It is nice that we have college football back for so many teams, a number that is growing with the Big Ten's announcement this week. The season hasn't been kind for some teams so far, though. This week, ESPN rolled out its weekly feature, the "Bottom 10," for the first time this season.

For now, until more teams get going for the year, Ryan McGee is cutting things down to a "Bottom Five." A weird season calls for some unique handling of lists like this, and last weekend was kind of a disaster for the meat of the Big 12. Three of the league's teams lost to buy-game opponents from the Sun Belt: Iowa State, which entered the season ranked, Kansas State, and Kansas.

"OK, it wasn't the entire Big 12 that earned the Coveted Fifth Spot, but it felt like it," McGee wrote. "This spot, now barely dangling off the just-sliced cliff of the Bottom 5, is owned by the Big 12's Little 3. Kansas State was chomped by the Arkansas State Red Wolves, Iowa State got boiled by the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns, and Kansas was totally Chaucered by the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. Awesome mascots aside, it was the biggest weekend for a Sun Belt since the first time a Boca Raton real estate agent convinced a vacationing Manhattan couple to invest in a can't-lose timeshare."

0-2 Texas State lands the very-not-coveted No. 1 spot, as the only 0-2 team in the FBS. As McGee notes, the Bobcats have actually been somewhat competitive, losing to SMU and UTSA by 10 total points. The loss to the Roadrunners went to overtime.

Florida State also pops up on the last at No. 4. The Seminoles have been languishing in mediocrity for years now, and after a loss to a full-on rebuilding Georgia Tech squad, they find themselves as the only non-Big 12 Power Five spot in the Bottom Five.

"It isn't just the unexpected loss to Georgia Tech (again) or the bummer season-opening loss at home (again) or what seems to be a disconnect between a would-be star player and the head coach (again) or being stuck in a rebuild while having to look up at Clemson, the ACC conference darling (again). No, it's all of the above. Again."

The SEC starts up on Sept. 26, and the Big Ten on Oct. 23. At that point, we'll probably get a full "Bottom 10" once again.