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Columnist Thinks Bobby Bowden, Not Nick Saban, Is Best Coach Of All Time

This past Monday night, Alabama head coach Nick Saban notched his fifth national title - four of which have come with the Crimson Tide - leading many to debate whether he's the best college football coach of all time. 

His main competition? The legendary Bear Bryant, who also coached at Alabama and won six national titles. Well, that's what most people think, at least.

Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi, who often takes some unpopular stances, thinks that former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden is the greatest of all-time. His reasoning? Bowden built a program up from scratch, while Saban and others walked into better situations.

"The reason is simple: Alabama football thrived before the Bear ever arrived. The Crimson Tide won national titles and appeared in Rose Bowls under coaches like Wallace Wade and Frank Thomas. Before Paterno arrived at Penn State, legendary former coach Rip Engle had a 104-48 record and never had a losing season.

But before Bobby, Florida State football was an embarrassing quagmire of Cigar Bowl bids, chicken wire scandals and losing seasons. There was even talk of shutting down football."

Does Bianchi have a point? Or is he just looking to stir the pot? Either way, we imagine he won't have many people in Tuscaloosa on his side.