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Comedian Kevin Hart To Jameis Winston: "Stop Doing Dumb S***"

Update: Here's the full video of Kevin Hart meeting the Florida State football team. If you'd like to see the part where Hart makes fun of Jameis Winston, scroll to the 1:09 mark of the video.

(Warning: NSFW Language)

Earlier: Actor/stand-up comedian Kevin Hart visited Florida State yesterday, and during his trip, he made a pit stop to meet the Seminoles football team. During his run-in with the defending national champions, Hart met FSU's star quarterback Jameis Winston, and gave the All-American a piece of advice: stop acting up off the field.

Kevin Hart was at Florida State for his college tour on Sunday, where he met some of the Seminoles football team and (jokingly) talked some trash.

Jameis Winston, of course, was not spared by the comedian.

"You need to stop doing dumb s—," Hart told Winston in a crowd of people.

Hart's blunt piece of advice was put on Instagram by 'Noles WR Kermit Whitfield, but it has since been deleted. Winston has gotten in plenty of trouble due to his actions off the field -- most recently for yelling an inappropriate phrase on campus that led to him missing FSU's game against Clemson -- so hopefully he takes Hart's piece of advice to heart.

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