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Danny Kanell Says That If It'd Been Tim Tebow Instead Of Jameis Winston Pushing The Referee, He'd Have Been Praised

This past Saturday, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston got into a bit of a physical altercation with an official as he tried to snap the ball late in the third quarter of his team's game against Boston College. Some fans - including former referees - believe that Winston should have been ejected and suspended for the transgression. Some think it wasn't even worth talking about.

ESPN college football analyst Danny Kanell has a slightly different take. He thinks that if it had been former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow instead of Winston, he'd have been praised for being a "competitor" who is "focused" on leading his team down the field. He thinks that people just simply don't like Winston, hence the controversy.

Whether or not you agree with Kanell, it is apparent that Winston's actions are all heavily scrutinized by the media. Either way, it looks like Winston will avoid discipline and suit up this Saturday against Florida.