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Danny Kanell "Wishes" NFL Players Would Put Protest On Hold During 9/11

Danny Kanell talking about the SEC on ESPN.


ESPN college football analyst Danny Kanell wishes NFL players would put their protest on hold during this week's games.

Brandon Marshall's decision to take a knee during the national anthem ahead of Thursday night's Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers game was yet another reminder that the movement Colin Kaepernick started - which deals with racial injustice in America - is far from over. One prominent ESPN radio host wishes the movement could be put on hold for one day, however.

Danny Kanell, who starred at Florida State and later played for the New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos, took to Twitter Friday to suggest that NFL players who are part of the movement should put their protest "on hold" during Sunday's games - which fall on 9/11.

Sunday, of course, marks the 15th anniversary of the attacks, which claimed the lives of 2,996 people. It'll be interesting to see if Kanell's suggestion is followed.