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ESPN Writer Ranks Florida State As College Football's Worst Undefeated Team

After five weeks, exactly 20 FBS teams remain unbeaten. With the College Football Playoff here, a perfect season is a little less necessary to have a chance at a national championship, but it is still the goal for every program. ESPN's Ryan McGee ranked the remaining unblemished teams, and the results are...pretty confusing.

The Florida Gators, fresh off of a huge win against Ole Miss, are No. 1. No. 20? Florida State, behind teams like Houston, Navy, Temple, and Toledo. Here's what McGee had to say about the Seminoles:

20. Florida State Seminoles (4-0): Whipped Texas State and USF and barely beat Boston College and Wake Forest. Jameis' Noles these are not.

Here is the full list:

1. Florida
2. Utah
3. Oklahoma
4. Northwestern
5. Texas A&M
6. Michigan State
7. Clemson
8. TCU
9. Ohio State
10. LSU
11. Baylor
12. Oklahoma State
13. Iowa
14. Cal
15. Toledo
16. Temple
17. Navy
18. Memphis
19. Houston
20. Florida State

The parameters here don't seem to make a ton of sense. If it is week-to-week dominance, it is hard to justify Florida being at the top. Ole Miss is a great win, but Florida narrowly beat ECU, Kentucky, and Tennessee, none of which are powerhouses, in the previous three games. Was this a power ranking weighed towards week five's games? Definitely not. No. 2 Utah had a bye. A look at team talent? It can't be. Florida State has been unimpressive, but it still trumps Houston, Navy, Temple, and Toledo, all very good teams, in raw talent.

We won't go much farther, but this ranking does not make all that much sense. The Seminoles have not been good this season, but plenty of other power programs on this list, like Michigan State and Ohio State, have also been sloppy against middling opponents.