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Florida State DB Nate Andrews Is Mad That The 'Noles Never Got To Visit The White House

Ohio State's national championship squad was honored at the White House today, where they had a chance to meet with and be recognized by President Obama. This is common practice for championship teams in college and professional sports, to have a day of their own to be hosted by the President and feted for their accomplishments.

One recent title team did not receive this treatment. The 2013 BCS National Champion Florida State Seminoles never got their day at the White House, and the possible reasons behind it were examined in an article in The Wall Street Journal last summer. 

Scheduling snafus, Jameis Winston's off-field issues, whatever the real reasons were, some 'Noles are feeling snubbed about not receiving their due. Defensive back Nate Andrews is one of them, and he let it be known via Twitter this afternoon.

">April 20, 2015

It's seemingly too late now for the Seminoles to take a trip to the nation's capital. Maybe they'll have to settle for a reunion-type visit to the Oval Office sometime in the future.