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Florida State Football: Former FSU Mascot Dead After Being Stabbed Over Argument About Gumbo Recipe

Former Florida State student Caleb Halley, who played the role of Chief Osceola from 2004-2007, has died after being stabbed at his job at a Panama City seafood market. According to the Panama City News-Herald, the attack occurred after Halley and coworker Orlando Thompson argued about the amount of spice to use in the restaurant's gumbo recipe. You can't make it up.

Police reported that Thompson and Halley began to argue Tuesday afternoon over the amount of spice that should be put into the restaurant’s gumbo. The disagreement quickly escalated, and Thompson armed himself with a wooden board and Halley with a small wooden knife, PCBPD reported.

The confrontation subsided and Thompson walked away. But video surveillance from the business showed Thompson returning with a knife with a 15-inch blade and swinging and thrusting it a Halley, according to police.

Halley's obituary in the Chipley Bugle describes his time at Florida State.

In 2004, Josh became the 13th Chief Osceola and rode for the next four years. Josh’s Seminole and Creek Indian heritage made him so proud to be part of FSU’s dignified depiction of the historical Seminole leader Osceola, and his Appaloosa horse Renegade that began every home football game by riding to midfield with a burning spear and planting it in the turf. Josh also earned a Varsity Letter at FSU for his service as Chief Osceola and while at FSU was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.

While this is an incredibly bizarre story, the death of a person this young, and for such a ridiculous reason, is always tragic. Our thoughts go out to the Halley family and the Florida State community.