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Florida State Linebacker Jacob Pugh Thinks ESPN's FPI Top Ten, Which Doesn't Feature Seminoles, Is A Joke

Earlier, ESPN released its preseason "Football Power Index," a metric that it says "is a measure of team strength that is meant to be the best predictor of a team’s performance going forward for the rest of the season." Ohio State tops the list, as you would imagine, followed by Alabama, TCU, Baylor...all pretty predictable stuff, right? Well, the FPI top 10 is missing one of the sport's most powerful programs over the last few seasons, Florida State, and one Seminole defender isn't taking it very kindly.


— A QB's Nightmare (@JakePughIII)

April Fools everyone ?? now please tell me who photoshopped this picture I'm curious to know.... @espn

— Fresh Outta Doak (@JakePughIII) July 22, 2015

">July 22, 2015

">July 22, 2015

Florida State is ranked No. 21 on the list, just behind ACC rival Clemson (19), and ahead of Georgia Tech (22), and rival Florida (23). Luckily for Pugh and his teammates, they will have ample opportunity to prove ESPN's metrics wrong when the fall rolls around.