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Florida State President John Thrasher Releases Statement After Meeting With Football Team Today

Last week, Florida State dismissed freshman quarterback DeAndre Johnson after video surfaced of him punching a woman in the face at a Tallahassee bar. Over the weekend, they suspended running back Dalvin Cook for allegedly doing the same.

These two incidents were the latest in a run of off-field issues for the Seminoles over the past couple of years. Earlier today, Florida State President John Thrasher met with the football team and coaching staff to discuss what has gone on.

Thrasher released a statement on the meeting, which can be read in its entirety here. This excerpt was the major message regarding the recent actions of football players. 

In light of recent off-field incidents, I reiterated to our players that they simply cannot put themselves in situations that reflect poor behavior or cause harm to others. They must remember that playing football for FSU is a privilege, not a right. The actions of a few have the capacity to do serious damage to the reputation of our entire university. I told them their coaches, the Athletics administration and I will do all we can to support them and help them learn the values we expect them to uphold. But they will be held accountable for their actions.

Thrasher needed to do this, but the true measure of his words will be indicated by any changes in player behavior.